Steel Wolf

Steel Wolf ALEXI MIKHAILOVITCH KRYLENKOV is the grandson of the famed Russian hero of the second World War known as STALNOIVOLK, or “STEEL WOLF” in english. Alexi, along with a group of other qualified candidates, was subjected to an experimental process designed to replicate the powers of his illustrious forebear. The untested process caused all the other candidates to die horribly, but Alexi survived due to his unique genetic makeup. Years later, Alexi would learn that his comrade Demian Anikanov had also survived the process (of a sort) and been transformed into the walking atomic juggernaut known as WARHEAD. Alexi quickly rose to become the foremost hero of the former Soviet Union, eventually being assigned as Russia’s representative to the United Nations team of powered individuals known as the NEW ALLIANCE. It was during his service abroad that he discovered his government’s deceptions surrounding his origin, and feeling his loyalty had been betrayed, defected to the United States. His teammate in the New Alliance, AUREN, helped bring him through these trying times, and the two fell in love and eventually wed. Today, Alexi continues to act not as the hero of a single nation, but as a champion of the world as a whole. He has also joined a group of other powered individuals known as the POWER COMPANY, who have been tasked with safeguarding the multiverse from threats who would seek to destroy the fabric of creation itself.

As a result of both his genetic predisposition and the experimental process that granted him his powers, Alexi’s cellular structure has become a living ionic furnace, granting him a number of superhuman abilities. Alexi possesses vast superhuman strength, the uppermost limits of which have not yet been accurately tested (though he has in the past been able to support and lift the weight of the entire Great Pyramid of Giza as well as an Altairian command heavy cruiser). His physical durability is such that he has on one occasion been able to withstand a detonation of near-nuclear intensity with only minor injury, as well as withstand temperatures ranging from the Earth’s molten mantle to the frigid cold of deep space. Alexi can fly through the subconscious manipulation of gravitons in a tight field around his body, and can attain speeds of mach 10 in a planetary biosphere (a limit he imposes on himself to prevent damage to objects below as he passes by at speed), but can attain near-lightspeed in a vacuum. Alexi’s senses operate at superhuman levels, and he has the ability to emit excess ionic buildup in his body in the form of infrared eye beams he calls his “Ionic Vision.” His speed and practical reaction times are also enhanced to the point where he can intercept and catch bullets with little effort.