Sebek born in Luxor, Egypt as Youssef Hamada and raised by his father, Rama Hamada. His father would tell him stories that his mother was the Eyptian goddess Pakhet who had taken human form. When he was a teen he was indoctrinated into the Mosai order. Over the years he would become a powerful member and spiritual leader, all the while looting ancient artifacts, cataloging and selling them to fund various personal and Mosai ventures. These deeds led to his expulsion from the order where he eventually came into the service of the Necromage as his body guard.

Sebek is a master of hand to hand combat and Tahtib self defense tactics, Sebek was trained from a young age by the clerics of Mosai to protect the elder clerics, to be obedient, and to give his life if that option was necessary. He also relies on dark magic spells in offensive and defensive techniques. Lastly, he employs two electrically charged daggers, forged by alien meteorite by King Tutankhamun and discovered in the great Pharoah's sarcophagus, stolen by Sebek from the Egyptian national treasury, as weapons to maim and disable his enemies.