Currently, we are working on Power Company. It is a huge cross over event of seven creators. We're doing a two book mini-series to showcase our characters. We have hired Luis Rivera as our interior artist. For more info, you can follow Luis on Instagram and see more of his stunning artistic style.

The mini-series will focus on the heroes of Power Company and the vile villains of Damage Inc.

Power Company is the main focus with the characters being; Professor Bizarre, Five Star, Thunder Woman, Steel Wolf, Metalmorph, Forecast, Crimson Streak, Killer Wail and Victory. Click on their names to see a brief bio for each character.

Rounding out the the evil side of the coin of Damage Inc. are; Cyborilla is the defacto leader with his minions being; Necromage, Brimcoal, Poison Arrow, Priestess Danielle, Overcast, Sebek and Abominus. Again, click on their names for further details in a brief bio.

It is our hope and dream to bring in more creators for other team ups in the near future.