Killer Wail

Killer Wail was born with the Atlantean name of Drilt and lived in Atlantis until he was 18. It was then found he was actually half-human as his skin began to manifest a white hue. Drilt was exhiled from Atlantis and had no choice but leave his world behind so decided to learn what he could of his human lineage. As he reached the surface, he found out that his lungs could breathe air as easily as they did water.

Killer Wail's vocal chords produce high intensity sonic disturbances. He can produce a field of quasi solid sound to protect himself or his teammates. His body is acclimated to survive the extreme depths and cold temperatures of the oceans. His body is resistant to high amounts of pressure and attacks. and he is able to lift 2 tons. Killer Wail can swim at supersonic speeds. His atlantean physiology enables him to breath under water.