Cyborilla's exact origins are unknown. At various times the Simian Savant has implied or outright stated multiple, mutually exclusive origins, including time-travel, astral projection, mind transfer, brain transplants, cloning, and so on.

Cyborilla's primary ability is his super-genius intellect. He is skilled at the design and construction of advanced technology, including time-viewers, cybernetic armor, functional flying saucers, etc. His strength is even greater than an ordinary gorilla, due to his cybernetic enhancements. Weapons and Equipment At various times, His equipment has included a treaded battle wagon, a flying saucer and his current armored form, which includes a shoulder mounted plasma weapon. In addition, he is known to have developed a time-viewer that enables him to at least access parallel timelines, if not peer into the future. He has modified his body with various cybernetic enhancements, including a cybernetic eye.