Crimson Streak

Crimson Streak was born in Canada as Terry Huang. Terry was working as a janitor for Professor Amazo when he accidentally activated the experimental 'God-Realm' portal which successfully created Lady Fairplay. Somehow the device infused him with the 'essence of speed', as Amazo called it. At first Terry was frightened by his new abilities but he became more comfortable with them and starting operating secretly to help others.

The Crimson Streak is able to move at superhuman speed by distorting the space-time continuum. It has been theorized that, rather than moving quickly, he warps space in a manner similar to a warp-drive ship, actually compressing space between two points and enabling him to cover the shorter distance in a small period of time. He is capable of apparent speeds in excess of the speed of sound with little effort. Speeds approaching that of light are possible, but only for short bursts and that action quickly drains him of much of his energy reserves. The source of this ability (and energy to access it) are the God-Realm. His energy reserves replenish themselves automatically through unknown means, and are not tied to normal physiological systems.