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Carlos Raphael, Rodney Lockett, Roy Johnson, Eric N. Bennett, Daniel HoinsTony Klapper, Jermaine Christmas & John Jones.

Carlos Raphael - Creator and found of Champion Comics Group with stories focusing on his flagship character American Revere. You can follow Carlos also on his Facebook page for Champion Comics.

Rodney Lockett - Rodney is the Owner Writer for Iron Gate Comics and started creating characters over 20 years ago. During the summer of 2015 He released Iron Gate Universe issues 1,2 and 3 featuring original characters Killer W ail, American Justice, Maiden Japan, Carrie A. Gunn, Radium Rayand many others. Rodney has released the golden age A ll-W inners Societ y #1(2016) and Guardians of Creation #1(2017). Rodney is also a contributor to the website New Heroes Database. Rodney currently lives in Portland Oregon. Please follow Rodney and all his happenings on his Iron Gate Comics Facebook page.

Roy Johnson - I'm a technical professional with love of superhero comics. I wrote the majority of my first published comic in 2015. I decided that I wanted to take on the personal challenge of bringing a traditional superhero comic to life. I began commissioning comic art in 2010 and quickly settled into pieces featuring old public domain superheroes with the idea that “Standard Comics” (a real company until the 1950’s) bought all these characters and published them together in a shared universe. Eventually my own creations crept into the mix. Basically, the idea was that each of the fake covers or interiors to these imaginary comics were a sort of window into another universe where the heroes of “Standard Comics” were as famous as those at DC or Marvel.

To date, I've published a DC Who's Who/Marvel Handbook like comic featuring some of my characters, completed a second volume, and am completing a sequential comic featuring the Planet's Ultimate Super-Heroes, the Sentinels.

I have fond memories of my dad reading comics to me which is how I learned to read. I find it a bit sad that a lot of current superhero comics aren't really appropriate for kids. Reading is an easy way to connect and it seems wrong that kids, who intrinsically, instinctively, love superheroes can't really be allowed to read about them or see their movies.

I created tons of superheroes and villains when I was a kid, filling a large binder with designs, maps, story ideas, blueprints, and so on. Then, when I went to university, I "put away childish things" and threw it away. Time to grow up. One of the stupidest things I ever did. Reading comics and creating characters was a lot of fun and, when times were tough, I found myself returning to comics as a reader ... comfort food-like.

At any rate, I always regretted throwing that binder away, and this is like an opportunity to finally bring my own creations to life. You can learn more about Roy's personal projects and creations at his website


Eric N. Bennett - is a full-time Professional Graphic Artist for AccuWeather, Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania (home of Penn State University). A married father of two sons, Eric is best known for his character STEEL WOLF, and is also known as “the profile guy,” having written and compiled well over 200 individual character handbook entries. He’s also written several short STEEL WOLF stories, as well as a comic featuring the cosmic menace known as STELLAREX. Additionally, he’s credited as the co-writer and letterer of several other story projects, some of which appear on the deviantART website, and others which are in-progress to be released at a future date. His completed projects are currently available on Look for his character STEEL WOLF on Facebook, as well as at Ursa Magnus at Deviant Art.

Tony Klapper - Age 27, Tony Klapper is the writer and creator of Five Star. Tony has always had a love for comics and creating characters but decided to be serious about in 2015 with his life long friend Corey Jones. Together they built the brand Nevaland Comix as a home base for their universe. Prior to making comics Tony as Young Adlay, spent 6 years in the hip hop game but with that road ending a new one began. In April 2016 Tony introduced Five Star to the world and had an awesome response. People truly enjoyed the characters design and feel. In a very short time that led up to the partnerships with other creators to create Power Company. Tony is also partnered with Crazy Monkey Ink to launch Five Star's solo series. Tony continues to follow his dreams and work on his passion with the love and support from his wife and two children.

Daniel Hoins -Writer and creator of Thunder Woman, among other numerous characters and creations that are a part of the “Extraordinary Mythos”, a massive shared universe setting for all of his creations going back almost fifteen years. He is currently gearing up to create and publish media to showcase these characters and creations via his new brand, Extraordinem Media. For more information about Thunder Woman, the Extraordinary Mythos, and what Dan is working on, you can visit his page at DeviantArt. A Facebook page is forthcoming. 

While Dan grew up with and was familiar with many comic book characters growing up, he only became interested in them following the release of 2002’s “Spider-Man.” Thanks to a number of series, including Hellboy, The Authority, New X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Ultimates, and JLA, as well as DK’s Ultimate Guide books for various comic characters, he grew to love comics and superheroes. He became interested in creating his own characters after spending a few years as a member of an online superhero roleplaying group, where he created dozens of characters and concepts that would lay the foundation for his work with the Extraordinary Mythos.
Thanks to a combination of an education at Syracuse University and the discovery of the character creation software Fabrica de Herois, Dan has developed the ability to create and develop hundreds of characters as part of his shared universe setting. Most notable among these creations are Thunder Woman, the mascot of the Mythos and Dan’s central, primary character of focus and interest, the Vigil Alliance, Dan’s first major team of superheroes, hailing from Russia and based on a deep passion for history and mythology, and The Allegiance. Besides the Extraordinary Mythos, Dan has also created several other characters as part of a more risqué imprint of Extraordinem Media; under this imprint, he wrote and created his first comic story, and has two more slated for 2018. A Thunder Woman graphic novel is tentatively scheduled to begin work in 2019, and other comics or stories set in the Extrordinary Mythos are under consideration.

Jermaine Christmas - Jermaine is creator, found and driving force behind Kringlistic Comix. He has three major teams that he is currently focusing on, Category-7, D.E.C.-25 and RECALL. To learn more about these teams, Jermaine and Kringlistic comics like his Facebook page, Kringlistic Comix.

John Jones - I've been reading and loving comics ever since I was a little kid. Even to this day I can remember the days when I would go and visit my dad while he worked in a small butcher shop on Saturdays. I would sit by the comic book rack and just be mezmerized by the images I saw. I also remember when my parents would ship me off from New Jersey to go to Michigan for a month each summer. Each week they would send me $5 and I would spend most of it on comic books. This was back in the days when comics were 20 cents each (I also remember they went up to 25 cents the next summer). I kept reading and collecting comics all they way into college, John Bryne was far and away my favorite artist. Being one that has always loved to doodle, I would always focus on the art. After college I guess I must have grown up, I didn't collect comics like I used it. But? I never stopped drawing. In the 90s my interest was piqued once again with the emergence of Image Comics. Yes, I have a lot of those Image #1 issues. A lot were misses and there were a few hits. But they were doing what they loved to do.

Comics took a back seat again when I started to have kids (four in all, 2 boys, 2 girls). When my oldest son came of elementary age, he became interested in Pokemon cards. I saw the craze that had sprung up and it was like wildfire. I knew I wasn't the best artist in the world but I thought to myself, "Hey, I can do art well enough for a two inch by two inch space." I took out my pencil and paper again and got to work. I created hundreds of characters and event cards to go with them. All of these cards went along with a very long complicated and boring game (just being honest here). I sent away all the material to get it copyrighted. All I lacked was a packaging solution. Sadly, the same year I had almost everything fell into place for the game, life really started to get in the way. My dad got really sick in 2003, the same year I was in the hospital twice. The years after that, life wasn't much better. Separation, divorce, job loss, the death of both parents and a number of other things just made it impossible to do any sort of creating.

2012 my life took a major change. I failed to mention, but starting in 1997 I also started working part time jobs. That didn't leave much time for art, no matter how hard I tried. In 2012, I got a new job and I was able to quit the two part time jobs. I needed a few months to stabilize, then in early 2013, I started doing art once again. I realized I had pretty much put my art on hold for a WHOLE decade. One of the biggest regrets of my life. I will say this though, taking that 10 year break, things on the internet sure did change. When I came back there was now such a thing as print on demand. While I loved making the card art I always wanted to make a comic book. And now thanks to places like Indyplanet, that dream can become a reality.

As of late, I've also started working on my card game again, this time with new and improved rules. Between commissions, my game, working on books and now working with the great group of creators in this Coalition Comics endeavor, life is once again great. You can learn more about JJ's personal projects and creations at his website

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