Professor Bizarre

Professor Bizarre hails from Earth-J2, one of the first of the parallel Earths to come into existence. He is thousands of years old due to the power of the Emnity Stone. The stone grants him many arcane powers and abilities. Born Feru Kan-Ra in ancient Egypt, he was one of Thutmose II court magicians along with his brother Uetu. Both he and his brother were humiliated by the Hebrew prophet Moses. Uetu called upon darker arcane forces to exact revenge on Moses but Feru intervened to hold back the dark powers. The dark forces are currently contained within the Emnity Stone and Feru must constantly meditate in his realm to keep those dark forces at bay. If he loses concentration the dark forces encroach upon his psyche.

He longs for his love, Yanisa and yearns to be with her in the afterlife. He still communicates with her via the soul orb. It grants him a window into paradise to converse with her from time to time. Besides missing his beloved, he is weary of this life and is looking for someone to take up his mantle.