Abominus was born in Toledo, Ohio as Elliott "Eli" Mitchell. He had a rough upbringing, his father died when he was young and his mother was always struggling. He knew he didn't want to struggle so he turned to a life of crime. He was always looking for the next big score until one of his exploits ended him up in prison. The questionable laboratory called A.T.G.I. (Advanced Technologies and Genetics Institute) was looking for "volunteers" for their next experiment. He was injected with alien DNA and was not expected to even live. The DNA recorded his physical structure transforming him into the powerhouse Abominus.

Abominus' powers are mostly strength and endurance based. He is able to easily lift 80 tons and able to support a little more for a short time. He also has a resistance to cosmic blasts and seems to have some sort of "street knowledge" of all things extra-terrestrial.