Thunder Woman

Thunder Woman is the super-heroic persona of Samantha West, a young woman from a mixed race family who is a research associate at Newport University in the city of Newport, Connecticut. She works at the history and archaeology focused branch of NPU’s school for humanities, and as a research associate, her work consists of a mixture of teaching various history and folklore classes while assisting the more senior NPU faculty with their work, which can include research and accompanying them on special expeditions or historical projects. Her position means she is potentially on track to becoming a professor, and she is considering pursuing a doctorate. She gained her powers as Thunder Woman when she and some fellow NPU faculty accidentally entered the dimensional realm where the Olympians and Greco-Roman mythical creatures dwell, and in the process foiled an attempt by the goddess Hera to usurp the Olympians with a pantheon of her own. Part of this involved her temporarily gaining divine powers, and as a reward for the role, she played the Olympians allowed her to return to Earth with a portion of those powers, and the ability to switch between her human body and a semi-divine one at will.

When in her Thunder Woman form, Samantha possesses vast superhuman strength, stamina, and toughness. She is immune to all forms of conventional biohazards and has none of the basic human needs except for sleep, and she heals much more quickly and completely than a normal human. In addition to these gifts, Zeus granted her the ability to supernaturally manifest and control weather phenomena like wind, lightning, rain, hail, tornadoes, and more. She can use this power to propel herself at supersonic speeds. Lastly, Zeus also had Hephaestus implant one of his thunderbolts into her body. This allows her to generate, project, and control electrical energies independent of her weather powers.