Five Star

Five Star was born Kevin Terry and natural athlete and quick learner and he cared for his community and landed a job as an outreach coordinator at the local community center. After being diagnosed with cancer, he underwent an enhanced treatment that enables one's white blood cells to absorb electromagnetic energy and store as chemical energy to be used to fight off the cancer. During the treatment something went wrong causing Kevin to absorb too much energy at once, transforming him into the hero now known as FiveStar.

Five Star's body absorbs the natural energy around him using it to regenerate his heath and for combat including- energy blast, aura's and energy fist. Five Star's body always has a thin energy aura around it making him durable enough to take a bullet a point blank range, strong enough to pick up a school bus with ease, and fly fast enough to break the sound barrier. He has always wanted to do right and make a difference. As the hero Five Star, he can do that on so many levels.